Barry Haynes introduces the Sad Parrot Detective Agency


“Angela’s childhood ended at seven when she lost her sister, but are the memories that she has made for herself actually what really happened?

With time on her hands, she revisits a land of ghosts. But there is a much more tangible ghost she must deal with, one that she has been avoiding for too long.”


“Chief Inspector Angela Sadler and Detective Sergeant James (Beaky) Parrot have been forced into an early retirement and have put their difficult relationship on hold, as Angie looks for work and James enjoys a lazy summer by the sea.

Six months after a naked man is found on a remote beach, James reluctantly takes on the case to find his identity. He is not too keen at first to pursue the case, which goes horribly wrong.

A third book in this series should be out by late summer 2021     

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